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Would You Survive a Nuclear Bomb Striking the U.S.?

Many Hawaii citizens and vacationers awoke to a scary situation on Saturday, January 13. Their phones, televisions and radios displayed a message some wish to only see in a nightmare. The message stated that a ICBM missile was headed for the state and people needed to take cover. Thankfully, 38 minutes later it was declared a false alarm and accidental press of the wrong button. Many residents were grateful to know that they wouldn’t die that day, but were still shaken from the reality of certain death for that 38 minute period. Many were left to ask themselves how ready they would be in a real situation like that. This leads to this quiz based of simple traits you have, telling you how ready you are in a nuclear strike zone.

What type of person are you?

a. Shy, hard to talk to

b. Outgoing

c. Fearless

d. The one who hides in the corner

If you chose B or C, give yourself a point.


How are you in scary situations?

a. I stand up to it

b. I stand behind someone

c. I cover my face with my hands

d. I freeze up and accept what is about to happen

If you chose A, give yourself a point!


What do you aspire to be when your older?

a. I want to save lives and become a firefighter.

b. I want to own a business. 

c. I want to major in science/medicine.

I want to major in a physically demanding job area.

If you chose A or C, give yourself a point.


Where do you want to live when you’re older?

a. A large metropolitan city (i.e. Chicago, LA, NY, etc)

b. A farm in Central U.S. (i.e. Oklahoma, Kansas, etc.)

c.Along a beach/coast

d.A different country

e. An average suburban neighborhood

If you chose B or E, give yourself a point


If you knew your death was imminent, what would you do?

a.  I would cry and deny it

b. I would accept fate and spend my last hours or minutes with family

c. I would attempt to run for cover, risking my last moments will be chaotic

d. I would live-stream the bomb incoming and making contact with land

e. I would admit my darkest secrets to family and friends

If you chose C, give yourself a point


If you were president, how would you react to an imminent nuclear bomb?

a. I would strike back at the opposing country

b. I would hide and protect myself, letting the citizens in the strike zone die.

c. I would blow the missile out of the sky

d. I would address the country of the imminent fate they are about to face, then hide.

If you chose C, give yourself a point.


How political are you?

a. Very. I follow it 24/7

b. Kind of. I follow it, but it’s not my priority.

c. Never. I don’t even know who Trump is.

If you chose A, give yourself a point.




  • 7 Points – You 100% will survive
  • 5-6 Points – You can think strategically, and may survive.
  • 3-4 Points – You tend to freeze in scarce situations, but might be able to get to cover.
  • 2- 3 Points – Your chances of survival are extremely low.
  • 1 Point – Sorry, you have no chance of survival.
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