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Batavia High School: Next to be voted the hottest school in America

By Emily Tratar

Rain or shine, blizzard or heat wave, Batavia High School is consistently one thing – a sweltering 40 degrees. The majority of the student body can agree that they have to dress appropriately for the balmy climate inside the building more than the weather outside.  But there is a special breed of risk-taking students who keep their coats on or bring blankets to school. Temperatures might even get up to 45 in this building! How has no one died of heat stroke?

The school seems to keep its summery temperature, especially in the winter. It is nice to feel the massive 2-degree difference in temperature when you walk through the doors and out of the blizzard. But soon you are reminded of just how humid 40 degrees can be once you thaw out.

Even if we can withstand the raised temperatures, we must think of the children! The preschool in the building holds classes during the school day in these humid conditions. The heat may have caused confusion in those undeveloped minds. They come to school all bundled up and you can’t help but start sweating just looking at them. A nice coat for a small child is not cheap and their families are spending money on a coat for their kid who has the chills from the feverish conditions of this school. We might be able to sweat through the day in the 40-degree indoor climate, but the youth of the world are becoming affected by these high temperatures.

So join the cause to return the temperature of the school back to something normal! Join the cause to regulate the temperatures so we might be able to survive. This way we will be able to reach our true potential in this haven of learning (without worrying about heat exhaustion).

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