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Movie quiz

By Emily Tratar

Answer these questions and we’ll tell you which movie you should watch next

When is the perfect time to have ice-cream?

  1. Once a week
  2. Never! I’m too busy for ice-cream.
  3. Always!
  4. When it’s someone’s birthday


What is your dream car?

  1. Sports car
  2. Any kind if fine, but it must include a personal driver
  3. A stolen one
  4. Jeep


What is your favorite type of music?

  1. Pop
  2. Classical/opera
  3. Alternative
  4. Country


Where can you usually be found when out on the town?

  1. Party
  2. Work
  3. Fighting the “Man”
  4. An animal shelter


What is the ideal amount of sleep?

  1. Whenever I can
  2. 3-4 hours is good
  3. Who needs sleep when there’s coffee?
  4. A solid 12 hours


What describes your ideal Friday night?

  1. Playing video games
  2. Staying in for a solo night
  3. Chilling with your friends
  4. Playing with your pet


What is your favorite food?

  1. Protein shake
  2. Soup
  3. Leftovers  
  4. Steak


What are your parents like?

  1. The hip ones
  2. Overbearing
  3. Overprotective
  4. Their favorite child is the dog


What is your dream job?

  1. Zoologist
  2. CEO of your own company
  3. Saving the world  
  4. Veterinarian


Finally, how would you describe your best friend?

  1. The popular one
  2. A second parent
  3. Loyal
  4. A dog honestly



If you got mostly 1’s:  Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

This action-packed film is hilariously loveable. Follow Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan, into a video game full of adventure. This movie will show you true friendship and how a dangerous and crazy adventure can bring people closer together. (But please don’t go looking to be absorbed into a video game to create bonds with your friends.)

If you got mostly 2’s: The Greatest Showman

This movie will inspire you to follow your dreams and realize that independence doesn’t have to mean alone. That being said, this movie is a lighthearted, musical movie to watch solo or with just a few good friends or family members.

If you got mostly 3’s: The Death Cure

This final movie in the Maze Runner trilogy is great to watch with your BFFs. This dystopian thriller will keep you at the edge of your seat with great action scenes, powerful emotional moments and bitter betrayal.  This movie is perfect for a squad night out!  

If you got mostly 4’s: Peter Rabbit

If you are looking to curl up with your pet for the night, this PG movie is perfect for you. Peter Rabbit is a funny animated movie about family, friendship, and mischief! If watching a movie about animals with your pet doesn’t sound like a perfect evening, I don’t know what does!

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