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The pros, cons of being a high school tennis player

By Anna Sandri

Pros                                                                            Cons

Tennis players here at BHS get the opportunity to go to the Hilton Head Tennis Resort in South Carolina and spend the week training and sightseeing. The season is just too short. We hardly even get two months to play. We also can’t play in the rain.
We have an extra large team here at BHS with more than 60 girls so there’s no shortage of matches. There’s not enough courtspace at BHS for the JV team to all play matches against one another (even doubles!).
During the summer, you spend the whole season outside so a tan is guaranteed. You won’t just tan a little; you tan a ton. And the tan lines you get from your shoes are just hideous.
We always have super cute uniforms, and it’s always fun seeing other teams’ uniforms. In the 2017-2018 girls’ season, our JV team skirts didn’t come with spandex so we all had to buy our own.
Playing a match or even just rallying is a great stress reliever.   It’s all fun and games until you get hit by a ball, whether it’s in the face by miscalculating an overhead or a volley, getting pegged by the other team, or getting hit from behind by your own teammate (Talk about betrayal).
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