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Top 10 spring fashion trends

By Mary Shields

   Top 10 Spring 2018 Fashion Trends


 Spring is here and that means new trends will come and old ones will go. Check out these ten trends so you can spring into this new fashion season in style!

1.Polka Dots

Polka dots are making many appearances this spring season! From fashion shows such as “Jason Wu Spring” and “Rodarte Spring” to affordable teen websites such as Forever 21.  Polka dots are rapidly finding their way into every closet!! There are various ways to pull off this peppy pattern such as dresses, skirts, rompers, or even pants. This allows buyers lots of flexibility. Whether you want just a pop of polka dot or a full-blown outfit, many options are available for shoppers wants and needs.

  2. Pastels

Pinks, blues, greens, you name them every pastel color is trending this spring season! Pastel dresses have made appearances in fashion shows such as Hermés and Celine. Kendall Jenner is seen wearing pastels daily from mini skirts to blazers. They can be found at any local clothing store high to low end. Will you hop on the Pastel train?

3. Fringe

From the number one trend seen at New York Fashion Week to being seen on the red carpet,  fringe has become very popular this spring season. Designers at NYFW such as Calvin Klein, Nomia, and Ulla Johnson all showcased various fringe designs on the runway and the craze gained even more popularity soon after. Fringe skirts are featured in Vogue repeatedly in their spring edition. Rebecca Minkoff came out with a whole fringe handbag line, as well. So overall, this is definitely a trend you should try out.

4. Checkered Skirts

Checkered skirts have been popping up quite frequently in many designers fashion shows such as Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch. Not only are high-end designers utilizing checkered skirts to their designs, Target recently came out with a line full of them! You can not only wear these in the winter with a sweater but also in the summer with a cute top! Time to pick up yours!

  1. Vintage Florals

From dresses to skirts to phone cases, floral designs are everywhere!! Designer brand “Oscary” recently came out with a whole line of floral pieces. American Eagle has a surplus number of floral pieces including dresses, rompers, and boho style tops. Target has a line called “Knox Rose” that is dedicated to dainty floral design that brings the past into modern fashion! What floral piece fits you?

  1. Yellow Dress

Yellow is a universal happy color so how could you say no to yellow dresses!  You can pick up a yellow dress anywhere! Forever 21 has adorable ones for under $10! These are not only perfect spring pieces but are also wearable in the summer! At her Maybelline Launch, Gigi Hadid wore a yellow dress. When will you get yours?

  1. Stripes

Stripes are one of the biggest trends all year! Hundreds of designers utilize the design in many lines. This spring season especially is for striped t-shirt dresses and crew cut t-shirts. Brandy Melville striped tees are a staple stripe ite, as well. Striped pants are even beginning to make an appearance. Kendall Jenner at NYFW modeled various pairs. Stripes are very popular so you can find them at any clothing store! It’s time to get your first striped item!

8. Fruits

Fruits and clothing may seem like a peculiar combination, In reality, they create a cute and unique piece! Many lemon pieces can be found at Forever 21! This bold pattern will separate you from the ordinarily dressed crowd.

9. Vans

Not only are Vans adorable, they also come in various colors from basic white to bright pink! This color flexibility allows vans to pair well with many spring outfits. You can also dress Vans up or down! Whether you are wearing jeans or a dress, you can always rely on a pair of Vans to complete your look!  

  1.  Jumpsuits

Last but not least are jumpsuits! They are perfect for spring weather because you will be comfortable whether it’s warm or cold!  Jumpsuits made many appearances during London and New York fashion week. Forever 21 once again has an amazing and affordable collection of jumpsuits. Whether you like stripes or floral, you will find a jumpsuit you love!

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