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OPINION: Higher education should be free

By Brandon Thilges

There is an essential necessity that humans must acquire to have a successful life on earth, and that is education. For hundreds of years, education has brought prosperity to our great people and excelled them through days of trouble and need. But recently it has all come at a price that, for most, is too tough to bear and will stick with them for many years to come. In order to receive a thorough education, the working class of the United States must forfeit thousands upon thousands of dollars to the banks who take advantage of them. The debt that follows is heavy in their minds and finances.

Education should be controlled by a heavily centralized government system, that focuses on the needs of the working class as a whole. Starting with low-level education and through to high-level education, the government would fund in whole a person’s journey through their educational career.

“How we finance public higher education is a matter of political will. Universal public higher education recognizes that college must be affordable for all if it is to help drive our economy and our democracy,” said Sara Goldrick-Rab, a professor of educational policy studies and sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

If the will of the people is to be carried out, then free education is at the forefront of importance. The true citizens of the U.S. are entitled to it on the basis of the basic dignity of the state. Our people, our true Americans must come first and must be prioritized.

There are several other nations that have already implemented the system of universal education the masses that inhabit their country, and it has instantly proved its benefits. These include the nations of Scandinavia, as well as a nation much closer to home: Cuba.

“Cuba has made education of their citizenry a high priority. They are proud of the fact that their education is free from cradle to grave. Individuals can attend the university system and earn as many undergraduate and graduate degrees as they might have the inclination to achieve, at no cost,” said the AASA: The School Superintendents Association.

Free education is a right of our people and it must be implemented. Our founding fathers created this nation on the basis that freedom will be achieved by the masses, and yet free education is at the back of many people’s minds.

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