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The Importance of BHS student ambassadors

By Matt Gorlewski

Meet BHS Students Olivia Murchie and Chris Theros. These two both were both appointed by the BPS101 Board of Education to hold the position of student ambassador- what that means, is that they both speak on students behalf at school board meetings. They start a dialogue and bring students opinions to the table at these meetings, giving the board more of a sense of understanding of what students think. Murchie is the newest to this partnership, replacing 2018 graduate Justin Chu, while Chris has been a student ambassador since 2017.

Student ambassadors commit to a two-year term after they are selected as an incoming junior. To become a student ambassador, students fill out an application as a sophomore. Each student who applies is then interviewed by two board members, as well as principal Dr. Joanne Smith. After the interviews, the board then selects one person to be the new junior student ambassador. Student ambassadors meet one or two times a month to give their opinions about hot topics in the BPS community.

“This role provides the Board of Education a connection to our student body,” Smith said. “The ambassadors can relay information from the student body that is critical for the board to consider when making decisions.”

The student ambassadors position is imperative to the school board by providing their outlook.

“Student ambassadors have to be aware of what the student body wants, and then we take the wants and the needs of the students and deliver them to the board so that they can discuss and possibly make things happen,” Murchie said.

Murchie, being the newest Ambassador, said she is quickly getting comfortable with her new role.

“At first I was a little intimidated, but that soon went away once I learned that everyone is very, very friendly and super welcoming towards me,” she said.

Student ambassadors have helped the BPS 101 School District find out what students are looking for in their educational environment. According to  Murchie’s partner Theros, he has seen nothing but positive results in his own life since he earned the position.

“I would highly encourage anyone interested in the position to apply! It helps tremendously to gain experience in collaboration, interviews, and public speaking,” said Chris Theros.

The student ambassadors are eager to continue their school years and to help students voices be heard.

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