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Do BHS students use their lockers?

Students at Batavia were asked if they use their locker. Of those polled, 94 percent of the people asked answered no. It seems that the lockers assigned do not get used because students do not have the time to stop

Drama department makes final preparations for ‘Chicago’

By Emma Kielion and Ben Barranco The Chicago musical put on by BHS students and directed by Dominic Cattero was performed in the BFAC on Nov. 7-10.   The Spectator sat down with Mr. Cattero and asked him a series

Showing pride at BHS

By Ben Barranco The Batavia Pride Alliance has been at Batavia High School for many years now and provides amazing support and acceptance for the LGBT community in Batavia and the local area. This is a safe and fun spot

Jansey Jr. elected to the Under Armour All America game

By Luke Zahner and Emma Kielion Every year, 100 of the best high school football players in the nation are selected to go to the Under Armour All America Game. This year, one of Batavia’s own, Northwestern commit Michael Jansey

OPINION: Are make-up snow days necessary?

By Grace Summers and Selena Lanham Whether it’s sunny and raining or snowy and gray, Batavia’s weather is dramatically shifting all the time. We’ve just about experienced it all. With a big, unexpected snowstorm on Nov. 25 and 26, Batavia

BHS ‘Cheer Buddies’ creates opportunities for VTP students

By Caroline Hager and Ellie Alholm Batavia High School’s new program, “Cheer Buddies,” is a partnership between the cheer team and BHS VTP (Vocational Transition Program) that helps students with intellectual disabilities or Autism cheer. Their first basketball game that

OPINION: Batavia’s busted bathrooms

By Ben Barranco and Emma Kielion Bathrooms are a necessity everywhere you go. You would think in a school where children spend an average of seven hours a day, the bathrooms would be cleaner and more accessible. Surprisingly, they almost

OPINION: American Sign Language should be option for students

By Grace Summers Here in the United States, American Sign Language (ASL) is the sixth most used language, and yet our school teaches an unofficial language, Latin. Our nation strives to push Americans to learn other languages so that we

Q&A: Holden feeling confident going into playoffs

By Selena Lanham It’s no secret that Batavia football has been in high gear. The high school football team has been on a winning rampage since the start of the season; according to the varsity football team they went into

The Importance of BHS student ambassadors

By Matt Gorlewski Meet BHS Students Olivia Murchie and Chris Theros. These two both were both appointed by the BPS101 Board of Education to hold the position of student ambassador- what that means, is that they both speak on students