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OPINION: Landscaping helps students do better in school

By Rachel Balsamo and Isabella Helm

Landscaping does so many things for the world around us but it also helps our students perform better in school. Greener landscaping at schools helps students to perform better in their classes according to the University of Illinois. We believe that schools should put more effort into their landscaping. Batavia High School should improve their landscaping to better students’ performance in class.

The University of Illinois ran a study in 2016 to test their theory that students in a classroom with windows that look out into nature will perform better overall. This study involved 94 high school students that were randomly assigned to three rooms: one without windows, one with windows but an obstructed view of nature, and one with windows and a clear view of nature.

The students then took tests and completed activities. During this experiment, sensors measured the students’ heart rate and stress level. This study found that the students in the room with a clear view of nature recovered from stress better and did better on the tests than any of the other students in other rooms did. Their capacity to pay attention increased by 13 percent. All because they had an unobstructed view of nature. It isn’t about how many windows they have because there can be lots of windows but they have à view of à building.  This just proves that improving the landscape will help the school do better academically.

“Window views to green landscapes promote high school students’ attention restoration… (&) recovery) from stress,” states.

Another reason that the school needs better landscaping is that of how important curb appeal is. Our curb appeal will help attract more students to come to our school which will raise its status among the best high schools in the U.S. because our school will be inviting and it won’t scare off families looking to move here.

“A well-manicured weed-free turf makes a great first impression to parents, students, faculty, and visitors,” states. “All of this attention to detail and curb-appeal contributes to school pride and morale, as well.”

Having a better outdoor appearance might make parents want to send their children here because it looks like a very nice school that is welcoming and cares about how they look in the community. This would be beneficial to BHS because they will gain more students, making themselves more money, and making the rise in the best high schools in the area.

Many people may not think they need to improve their schools because it “doesn’t matter” or it will “cost too much,” but really, it’s worth it because it matters to the students and staff if they feel like they’re in a nice environment where they can focus. Instead of spending money on the landscaping, BHS will put $300,000 into a new football field that was renovated 2 years ago. When’s the last time they thought about the actual appearance of the school? They care more about sports and fundraisers for those sports, but not about how the nice outdoor landscaping of a school can affect a students learning in a positive way.

BHS needs to renovate the outdoor areas around the school to improve the landscape. They could replace dead plants, put more trees and bushes in, plant more colorful and vibrant flowers, etc. Studies have shown it really does help students to perform better, keeping their mind active and attentive during school, and they are then doing better on assignments and tests. It’s a small price to pay and it’s worth the effort to make school a more appealing place.

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