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Artistic Process with Villacreses

By Alice Neville

NAHS student Ella Villacreses shares the process she goes through in creating a piece of artwork.

Finding Inspiration

For ideas, I generally go off of a simple concept which I then make more complex as I continue the piece. My ideas randomly pop up and it’s very hard to commit to certain ones because there are so many different ideas of what to do in my brain.


Planning the piece is my favorite part, I love picking out the colors and composition. Generally, I sketch the piece with materials already in mind, so that makes for an easy transition to the final piece.


Creating the piece can honestly take one day to one month, it all depends on how I’m feeling at the time and how motivated I am to finish the project. I don’t really work in an organized space; I kind of just throw my stuff down wherever there is room, but the space I create feels like my own little bubble that I don’t disturb for the duration of the process.


For AP art, all of the pieces we created were shown at the AP art show. My personal art I don’t really exhibit anywhere except for social media. Storing the art is something I’m really bad at. Either my dad takes the piece to hang it up somewhere or it stays in my room for months on end.

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