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Thibodeaux’s Ten

By Diego Sanchez

1. Kayvon Thibodeaux- Oregon- Edge Rusher

Thibodeaux has had talks about being the first pick since the start of the year and has proven every person right. Thibodeaux is special as he has a blend of athleticism, explosiveness, and technique. Thibodeaux is known as a pass rusher but also is able to set the edge against the run.

2. Aidan Hutchinson- Michigan- Edge Rusher

Hutchinson has by far the best pass-rushing technique in the entire draft and possesses some of the highest football IQ. Hutchinson is a very instinctual player and will most likely be a dominant force in the NFL for years to come. Hutchinson also runs a 4.64 40-yard dash.

3. Evan Neal- Alabama- OL

Neal is one of the biggest players in college football and it will likely stay that way in the NFL. Neal is 6′ 7″ and weighs in at 351pounds. He is also a freakish athlete and is ranked first in his position.

4. Kyle Hamilton- Notre Dame – Safety

Hamilton has always been on top of the 2022 NFL draft class. Hamilton has the dimensions to play inside linebacker as he is a big man at 6’ 4,” 220 pounds. Although this is true, Hamilton thrives in coverage and has the ability to obliterate receivers. Hamilton is being compared to all-time great safeties such as Kam Chancellor and Jamal Adams.

5. Derek Stingley- LSU- Corner

As a freshman Stingley was already being talked about as being the best corner in all of college football. Going into this year, Stingley was being praised with comments of being the possible first overall pick but missed most of the year with a foot injury. Although this happened, Stingley has not lost a step. There is an old film of Stingley perfectly defending NFL superstars who were his teammates like Justin “Jettas” Jefferson and Jamarr Chase.

6. Tyler Linderbaum- Iowa- OL

 An underdog his entire life, Linderbaum has developed competitiveness and grit that would benefit any NFL team. His elite athleticism and ability to reach linebackers during the run game is what makes him such a special player. He is an extreme competitor and is not afraid to drive opposing defenders onto the turf.

7. Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner- Cincinnati- Corner

When “Sauce” first entered college football, he was 6 ‘2” and 163 pounds, which is undersized for an NFL cornerback. Over the course of a few seasons, he has now reached 190 pounds. Gardner has not let up a single touchdown in his entire college career and has only allowed 16 first downs and a 35.3 passer rating when thrown into primary coverage. He is a lockdown cornerback and will most likely be drafted in the top 10.

8. Charles Cross- Miss. St- OL

Although Cross is not as heavy as many of the linemen on this list, he makes up for it with his extremely lean frame. Cross struggles against the run, but as teams become more and more pass-heavy and incorporate more zone blocking schemes Cross will continue to dominate opposing defenders.

9. Ickey Ekwonu- NC State- OL

Ekwonu can really fit into any team in the NFL draft and that is one of the things that makes him so valuable. He can fit into any offense and any locker room and plays with a violent and aggressive demeanor that is unmatched.

10. Drake London-USC- WR

As the first offensive skill player on this list, London is obviously talented, but if Jameson Williams did not tear his ACL before the end of the season, he would not make the list. That being said, London is a big receiver but possesses great speed, and agility off of the ball. He can burn defenders on fade routes, or he can go up and get it. He is a true all-around player and could be developed into a big-time threat at the receiver position.

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