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OPINION: Are sports too important in Batavia?

By Koby Kett Within Batavia, sports are revered for their popularity and the students’ dedication. But what if it wasn’t everything that it’s said to be? What if sports were too important in Batavia? There are 23 individual sports in

Cubs parade a grand slam

By Sarah Hager The halls may have seemed a bit emptier than usual on Fri., Nov. 4 as many students headed to Chicago to attend the Cubs World Series victory parade. The Cubs’ final defeat of the Cleveland Indians on

Color Guard: Relationships that last a lifetime

By Abby Hill Emotions pour out onto the tarp, a story being created right in front of the audience’s eyes. Flags and weapons spinning, the color guard performs their heart out as a team, but more importantly, as a family.

OPINION: Color guard is a sport

By Abby Hill With chins lifted high, the color guard performs across the field; flags and rifles spinning in time behind and around the band. “Oh, they’re just spinning flags. That’s not even a sport.” Color guard performs with the

Soccer growing in popularity

By Sarah Hager Soccer is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States today. According to US Youth Soccer, the amount of adolescents registered with a soccer team has increased by nearly 700,000 athletes over the past 20

Fall Sports Preview: Girls Cross Country looks to build off previous success

By Xander Lundblad Head coach: Coach Chad Hillman Years coaching at BHS: 14th year in IHSA Asst. coach: Coach Samantha Miller       Last season’s highlights: The cross country team took third in the state, and that was the second girls’

Batavia/Geneva rivalry still a strong one

By Rachel Morano Team rivalries spike interest throughout a high school better than anything else, especially when it comes to football and cheer. Batavia and Geneva have had a strong rivalry since 1912.  This rivalry is the 72nd oldest in

Finding the right college- how will you choose?

By Ilena Gilbertson Students all around the world attend college. Sometimes finding the right institution is a difficult choice. Most students start looking at colleges in their junior year of high school. Determining where to go can depend on what