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10 best places to visit in Batavia: BHS student-approved list

Covering 10 square miles, Batavia has various shops, restaurants, and perfect day-trip spots for a fun afternoon. While it may seem daunting to pick just a few things to do, this list took input straight from local Batavia students to shine a spotlight on the top 10 best places to visit in Batavia.

  1. Funway

Funway is a year-round must-visit for visitors and/or locals who’ve never been. The establishment is a family-owned entertainment center featuring a bowling alley, roller rink, arcade, mini golf course, go-kart track, and more. It’s a popular location for families, field trips, and weekend outings. Its prominence and importance in the community place it at the top of the list. 

  1. Batavia Creamery

The Batavia Creamery, lovingly called “The Creamery” by locals, is often seen as a staple of the area. It’s a family-owned small business with 150 flavors that rotate throughout the year. The little ice cream shop is right off Wilson Street, making it the perfect place to stop for some delicious premium ice cream.

  1. Batavia Park District Quarry Park

Also referred to as “The Quarry” by locals, the water park is known for being the perfect place to cool off during the warm summer months. It has slides for kids and adults. There are also jumping platforms, a mini-beach, and a snack shack. While it may only be enjoyable during the hot summer months, the Quarry offers fun-filled memories and activities for the whole family. 

  1. Emagine Batavia Movie Theater

Right off Randall Road, this movie theater scores within the five top because of its Super EMX screen, the largest movie theater screen in Illinois and Michigan. While the theater is a newer establishment in Batavia, it’s already cemented itself as a part of the community. 

  1. Batavia Fine Arts Center

The Batavia Fine Arts Center, also known as the “BFAC,” is located in Batavia High School and accessible on the Wilson Street side. The theater hosts many different plays and events throughout the year. From well-produced high school plays to well-known artists, musicians, and actors, there’s always something going on. 

  1. Batavia Riverwalk

Known as “The Riverwalk” by residents, the Batavia Riverwalk is a well-maintained walkway stretching from Houston Street to the Batavia Depot Pond. The trail features the Batavia Dam, the Depot Museum, a stone pond, a wildflower sanctuary, and more. There’s also a playground, picnic area, kayak and bike rental, fishing area, and an outdoor ice-skating rink open in winter. It’s a perfect spot for bicyclists, kayakers, or a peaceful walk with the family. 

  1. The Riverside Pub

The Riverside Pub is a fan-favorite of many residents here in Batavia. It’s a restaurant on Wilson Street that’s often busy on holidays and weekends. Locals love it for its food and atmosphere. The restaurant is known for its tasty pizza. 

  1. Fox River Trail

The Fox River Trail is comparable to the Riverwalk except far more extensive and secluded. The trail stretches on either side of the Fox River for an astonishing 45.7 miles. It’s accessible by walking or biking and is known for quieter, more peaceful experiences 

  1. Batavia Boardwalk

More commonly referred to as “The Boardwalk,” the little shopping plaza is a collection of local small businesses selling handmade products. The vendors who occupy the shops change annually, and the deadline for new applicants ended January 31st. The boardwalk offers start-up business owners a chance to promote their products to the public and start up their ventures. 

  1. Limestone Coffee & Tea

Just off the Fox River Trail is a woman-owned cafe right in the heart of downtown Batavia besides Wilson Street. The cafe serves coffee, tea, cookies, salads, smoothies, and freshly-baked muffins. It was ranked as the best cafe in the city by Restaurant Guru. Limestone also rents out space in its store to local artists to display their work. Some locals insist that their coffee is “better than Starbucks.”

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