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Batavia High School alum Axel Holm plans to go across country raising money for Journey of Hope, which raises money for a variety of causes. The following is from Axel’s Journey of Hope webpage. If you’d like to donate to the cause, follow this link:

My name is Axel Holm and I am currently a junior at Iowa State University studying landscape architecture. My college career thus far has been an exhilarating experience for me. Even before I attended my first class at the university I decided to join the fraternity of Pi Kappa Phi. Ever since that day I have been given opportunities to do things that I never even dreamt of doing, and this summer I have decided to cash in on another one of those opportunities.

    The Journey of Hope is a philanthropic event that we Pi Kapps are very proud to call our own. It is one part of a National charity that goes by the name of Push America. We are the only fraternity in the United States that has created its own philanthropy, while other Greek Chapters will raise and donate money for Ronald McDonald House, or the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Push America is something that was created by members of Pi Kappa Phi. It is made to serve people with disabilities from all over the country. Each summer three different groups of Pi Kapps will make a trek from the west coast to the east, and some of these team members are going be be making this journey on bicycle! I will be one of the many crew members to help this summer’s expedition go as smoothly as possible.

    Starting on May 30th we will all report to Seattle, Washington and from there are adventures will be only beginning. For the next two months following, the three teams for this summer 2011’s Journey of Hope will embark on a life changing tour of the country that we will never forget. We’ll travel about 75 miles a day, hopping from town to town and stopping to share time with the people that we are raising money and awareness for. After crossing a total of 32 states and over 12,000 miles we will finally have reached Washington D.C. and the great ride will be over. 

   Another great thing that I have to look forward to this summer is that I am going to be able to tie my schooling into my travels. Because I am going to be driving ahead of the team to mark out turns and such I will have some downtime. I have chosen to spend that time to do an independent landscape study. In short I will be documenting anything and everything in a great bunch of ways. I have decided that I am bringing my sketchbook along, I’ll keep a journal, and also create a blog. This way anyone can follow along on the trip and also can be in constant contact with my fellow team members and I.

   Thank you again for taking an interest in the Journey of Hope, and don’t forget that this amazing opportunity is made possible because of people like you. Donations can be made by clicking on the ‘make a gift’ link located under my progress thermometer, and then following a couple simple steps. Any donation of over $25 dollars is tax deductable and every dollar counts!

Much love, thank you again, and GO BEARS!
Axel Holm

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