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Photo courtesy of Deb Paradiso

Students and staff at Batavia High School are getting ready for the annual Homecoming dance that is to be held in the school’s cafeteria on the evening of Saturday September 24.

            The dance will follow the football game against St. Charles East High School on Friday. The week prior to the dance will be Spirit Week in which the students will be able to do a variety of things to show their school spirit.

            To attend this event a ticket must be purchased. The tickets will be sold from Sept. 13 through 21during lunches. Prices are $7.50 a person and $15 a couple.

            The cafeteria, where the dance is scheduled to be held, is said to be different from the way that it was last year.

            “Before there used to be these stairs and it would be so awkward when people were trying to dance,” senior class president of the Student Council Samantha Noble said. Removing them seemed to be a decision that many of the students were in favor of.

            Another decision that is still in the process is what kind of music there will be at the dance or if a DJ will be present.

            The two choices are between a collaboration between Mr. Collins, Annie Baldwin, and Sean Sommer, or a regular DJ,  by BHS senior Anthony Gomulka.

            “I really think that this year will be amazing no matter what we do,” Noble said.  “Everything has just been falling into place.”

            Some may say that this is a tough decision because the school purchased some equipment a few years back that was worth $12,000. Student Council  believes that they should use the equipment they have, plus Gomulka said he would do it for free .

            “We bought all that equipment and to not use it seems like it would be a waste of money,” Noble said.

 Whatever the choice ends up being, all of the classes have a budget that they must follow. The Student Council reported that each class will have an estimated budget of about $2,000 that they can use to purchase decorations for themselves.

The decorations will be used throughout the week of Homecoming. The walls of the cafeteria and downtown Batavia will be decorated in support of the Bulldogs.

When asked about how she feels about this year’s Homecoming dance compared to other years, Noble said that it “has been a lot of work” but everybody “can’t wait to see how it all comes together.”

Some teachers are suspected to be putting on a dance that will be performed during the Homecoming Dance. No one has confirmed that rumor yet, but similar rumors from previous years have been proven true.

“There are a lot of changes from last year,” senior  Annie Baldwin said. “Everybody’s really excited to see how it goes.”

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