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10 things to do before you graduate

By Rachel Morano

High school is only 4 short years, so you want to enjoy them to the absolute fullest. Everyone knows the basic things you should do before that last bell rings of your senior year. Try a sport, join a new club, etc. But did you know there were so many other things to do too? Here’s 10 fun things you should try before you leave high school.

1. Skip school one day with your friends – Everyone has seen Ferris Bueller’s day off and why wouldn’t you want to have that? While your day may not be quite as eventful it’s still something that everyone should at least do once. As long as you’re not skipping on a regular basis then it’s awesome to go out on an adventure you won’t ever forget with all the people you’ll never forget.
2. Go to an event you normally wouldn’t – If you’re a football jock go to a orchestra concert of a show choir competition. If you’re not a fan of sports then go to a sporting event of some kind. Take a chance and step out of you element for one night.
3. Stay up all night and see how your body reacts to no sleep – Ever pull an all-nighter? Do it! You never know how your body will react until you try it. Obviously this is not recommended to try the night before a long day of testing but it could be interesting to see the waves of energy you get when running on all adrenaline.
4. Clean up social media – Go through all you old accounts and clean out anything you wouldn’t want your grandma to see. Colleges and jobs have been known to check social media so delete anything they would consider childish or immature. Also, if you have (for some reason) anything incriminating, it would probably be a good idea to take that down too. You want your social media to represent you now, not you 5 years ago.
5. Take extra driving classes – There are so many other driving classes you can take that will help you out more than you know. Take a defensive driving class, you can even get a discount on your insurance for this!
6. Plan a menu – Eating good things is going to be the last thing on your mind when you’re rushing around in college. Usually it’s McDonalds or Ramen and it’s just called a night. Plan out some things you can get that will help you out with your diet that you can also get on a tight budget, you’ll thank me later.
7. Write a letter to yourself to read in 10 years – Who knows what could change in 10 whole years, half of us can even wait to get out letters from 8th grade us. Just write about your life right now, who you talk to, what you want to do, put in some pictures, maybe even slip yourself a $20. You never know just how much this could brighten your day in 10 years from now.
8. Take typing lessons – Okay, this one sounds dumb because everyone already knows how to type but there’s a little more to it. You can take courses to help your typing skills and typing speed. This will make those 15 page papers in college go much smoother.
9. Take a video walking from one class to another – This doesn’t seem like a very big deal now but one day high school will just be a memory and this video will remind you exactly what it was like to be back in those halls.
10. Take a picture of you and your family – Do one of you and your friends too (Your chosen family.) This one is actually really cool because as you get older and everyone else in the pictures gets older you get to compare. Imagine how much you all are going to change in 5 years, 10 years, 25? It could be absolutely incredible to see the differences but in the end, you’re looking at smiling faces that meant the world to you

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