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Teen musician Brogan making a name for herself

By Grace Bennett Lauren Brogan has been interested in music for the majority of her life. Whether it’s a cover of a song or a verse of an original song, she will spend up to weeks perfecting it to the

Do BHS students use their lockers?

Students at Batavia were asked if they use their locker. Of those polled, 94 percent of the people asked answered no. It seems that the lockers assigned do not get used because students do not have the time to stop

OPINION: Private schools should compete in their own divisions

By Rachel Balsamo Have you ever thought about why so many private schools are beating public schools in sports and going on to win the championship game? Three private schools in Georgia alone, The Valwood Valiants, Open Bible Warriors, and

Q&A: Mangers, current senior, speaks on BHS’ condition

By Lynsey Kunert Jessica Mangers is a senior at Batavia High School who participates in Key Club, National Honors Society, and English National Honors Society. She is a straight-A student and aiming to go to Carthage University. During all four

10 types of friends in high school

By Joy Mazur High school friendships are often portrayed as being filled with drama and conflict, but that’s not always the case. Although we may not all have a friend like Regina George from Mean Girls, there certainly are different

OPINION: Students should join BHS Interact Club

By Elisa Reamer Getting involved is one of the best ways to make your high school career worthwhile. When looking at the list of clubs offered at BHS, students may become overwhelmed by the number of different opportunities. Everyone should

10 things to do before you graduate

By Rachel Morano High school is only 4 short years, so you want to enjoy them to the absolute fullest. Everyone knows the basic things you should do before that last bell rings of your senior year. Try a sport,

Class rank under fire

As juniors begin the long process of applying to colleges and planning their futures, a common question falls into consideration. Is my application good enough? After all I’ve done in high school, will I get into the college of my