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With prep done, Student Council hoping for successful Homecoming week

By Sarah Hager

Homecoming week is upon Batavia, beginning today, Mon., Sept. 12. Months of planning and preparation have gone into making this week the best it can be. Batavia High School’s student council plays a vital role in the organization of this long-running tradition.

What exactly does the student council do in preparation for this week?

“Everything,” answered Julia Bobosky, a sophomore class student council representative.

A few exciting changes have been made by the council to this year’s homecoming. The Saturday night dance will be held in the main gym rather than in the cafeteria as in previous years. Christmas lights are promised to be one of the of the dance’s most prominent decorations.

“Decorations this year are gonna be awesome,” said junior and student council member Dessa Bobosky.

New additions to the dance will be a photo booth, tables for sitting down, and snacks provided by the Batavia Boosters. A change has also been made to Monday’s class olympics. Participants in all events, excluding volleyball and dodgeball, are now going to be selected on the night of the olympics, unlike the pre-arranged rosters of the past. Anyone in attendance will be able to volunteer.

This year’s homecoming theme, titled “Working for the Weekend,” is occupations. Other proposals included US regions and Harry Potter. Major decisions, such as theme, are not always unanimously agreed upon by the entire student council, and voting is often necessary.

“It is hard at first to try to get everyone on the same page, and the voting process is hard. But once we find a theme we all agree on we get super excited,” said student council president Addie Bobosky.

The planning for this year’s homecoming began at the end of last school year. Student council has been working hard all summer, making decisions regarding the theme, floats for the parade, advertising, and the week’s overall organization.

“The are different committees for everything,” said Dessa Bobosky.

Student council has worked hard on coming up with ideas and making arrangements for homecoming week. With the new changes and theme, homecoming 2016 will be different from anything in the past.

“This year will be the best one yet!” said Addie Bobosky.

Homecoming Week Preview (Sept. 12-17)

Monday: COLOR WARS (Freshmen- Orange, Sophomores- Purple, Juniors- Green, Seniors- Blue)

Class olympics (7:30 pm)

Tuesday: TIE-DYE

Wednesday: THEME DAY (Freshmen- Construction workers, Sophomores- Farmers, Juniors- Doctors, Seniors- Military)

Homecoming parade (5:00 pm)



Pep rally (1:40 pm)

Boy’s varsity soccer game (5:00 pm)

Varsity football game (7:30 pm)

Saturday: Homecoming dance (7:30 pm – 10:30 pm)


Have a suggestion for next year’s homecoming? Student council said that they are willing to listen to suggestions.

“We’re open to so many ideas,” said Dessa Bobosky.

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