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BHS student Bella Jordan plans on walking to the Louisville rowing team

By Aubrey Rupp and Lauren Kalsch A senior at Batavia Highschool, Bella Jordan, is taking a large step in her athletic career.  She has recently decided to be a walk-on recruit for the University of Louisville rowing team in the

Seniors struggle to manage stress during college selection season

By Jayelin Haines My shoulders sag as I sit through another class presentation about choices for our future. The words spilling out of my teacher’s mouth stick together and filter into my brain as if they were gibberish. In my

Stoneberg teaches students to love tennis

By Isabella Helm It was what they hoped would be the last point. The two tennis players were at a score of nine to eight in the ultimate tiebreaker. With a swift forehand stroke, the Batavia player had won it.

Long strives for greatness as one of wrestling program’s first females

By Grace Summers and Selena Lanham Every day the wrestlers walk in to see the following words painted on the walls of the wrestling room: “You walk into this room only a boy… with hard work and dedication, you WILL

FEATURE: Jobs affecting student’s grades

By Isabella Mikula, Ethan Klemp, and Evan Misner After a long eight-hour day at school and an eight-hour shift at Sierra Trading Post, Ryan Larson finally comes home. It’s 10:30 at night and Larson has a lot of assignments in

Murphdawg’s legacy

By Ben Barranco and Emma Kielion Walking in on your first day in Film as Lit not knowing what to expect or what your teacher will be like. You open the door to see a woman writing on the board.

A ‘life-changing’ class

By Sophie Dominguez During a normal school day at Batavia High School, the field house is primarily known as a place for P.E. classes like Accelerated P.E. or Personal Fitness. However, many are oblivious to another special class that takes

FEATURE: Fantastic freshman Neibch helps carry basketball team

By Ellie Alholm The shoes squeak as the players hustle down the court. The Dog Pound chants loudly from the stands. Pom poms shimmer in the fluorescent lights. Freshman Kyle Neibch stops just behind the three-point line. Neibch shoots. He

FEATURE: Posledni secures full-ride academic scholarship

By Caroline Hager Coming home from a long day of school followed by an intense wrestling practice, Andy Posledni hopped in the shower on what was just an average Tuesday night. Hearing something buzzing outside of the shower, he looked

Service above self

By Christian Stevens and Jason Talbott Batavia High School offers roughly 40 different and unique clubs and activities that students of all ages can get involved in. Clubs vary from things like Robotics all the way to volunteering clubs. Many