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Q&A: How has COVID affected you?

By Katherynn Ramirez Has this time period been difficult for you? Karinna Morfin: “Yes, as a student-athlete I look forward to my season, not being able to enjoy my season this past year has really taken a toll on me.

Tips on leading a well-organized lifestyle

By Mac Lewis-LaMonte More often than not students tend to find themselves stressed from schoolwork, one of the bigger causes of this is disorganization. Here are some ways students or anyone really can stay organized to better their learning and

Student opinion on hybrid learning

By Amanda Schmelder Batavia High School introduced their hybrid learning in October of 2020. Dylan Stevens, a sophomore at Batavia, was asked her opinions about hybrid learning, such as what improvements could be made and how it has affected her

The severity of online school

By Hailey Haddon

BHS seniors express concerns about ’20-’21 school year

By Mason Kruse and Amy Bleakley The class of 2021 has had to make multiple changes during their senior year due to the recent pandemic that hit America in March of 2020. They have had to adjust to their new

Poll on the success of students during the Coronavirus pandemic

By Natalie Zagorski

Improvements being made to BHS during e-learning

By Garret Sims The Batavia Public School District 101 motto is “Always Learning, Always Growing,” and they take it to heart. Currently, the Batavia High School campus is undergoing several significant changes in preparation for the 2020-2021 school year.  According

Despite rough end to year, seniors have plenty to look back on

By Ari Fragen It’s been a wild ride for Batavia High School’s class of 2020. It’s not the senior year anyone hoped for, but things move on nonetheless.  Although the last few months of the school year have been difficult,

Carroll University committed Ostrander recapping the 2019 girls’ varsity tennis season

By Kelly Wenzel While my friends and I were kicking it back at the Quarry last summer, Madison Ostrander was averaging about seven hours a day, five days a week on the tennis court. On the varsity team since freshman

OPINION: JB Pritzker’s “Stay at Home” order isn’t as bad as you think

By Alli Perez The coronavirus spread rapidly and grew out of control before we knew it. The first COVID-19 case dates back to Nov. 17 in China, eventually spreading to the US where it has now surpassed a million cases.