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Williams’ lasting legacy at BHS

By Hailey Haddon The social outcast: they’re in every high school movie ever. Adorned with glasses, braces, and occasionally pigtails, the movie industry has invented a personality type. Preston Williams often describes herself as the weird, quirky kid portrayed in

NEWS: Reimbursement from state provides all BHS students with free bagged lunches

By Natalie Zagorski Quest Food Services changed the way they distribute their meals in order to provide meals for BHS students during the pandemic. Quest provides Batavia school district as well as 75 other school districts with locally grown and

NEWS: Teachers, district prepare for Covid-19 vaccines

By Amy Bleakley and Mason Kruse Since the start of Covid-19, American citizens have been patiently waiting for the vaccine’s arrival. In the month of December, the first few distributions of the vaccine were made to front line health care

NEWS: COVID affecting high school students mental health

By Juliana Lopez Something I believe we neglect or brush off as not important is teenagers’ mental health. Not only are the adults going through a very stressful time, but the students are also being affected, as well. Everyone’s lives

NEWS: Batavia clubs adjust to Covid

By Hailey Haddon As the Coronavirus continues to interfere with our previous way of life, Batavia clubs have adjusted their goals to focus on bringing communities together.  Between mask mandates, Covid testing, and daily symptom checks, Batavia students have become

OPINION: Motivation levels, academics another one of Covid’s victims

By Natalie Zagorski The devastating reality of the Covid pandemic on student’s motivation levels and academics can be seen as concerning to many. In a survey of students from Batavia High School, 79 percent of students reported that they feel

NEWS: Student athletes of pandemic

By Abby Tutt In the light of the ongoing global pandemic, high school sports organizations have had to make the difficult decision to cancel or postpone certain sports seasons which changes things for high school athletes all over the country.

NEWS: Social media affecting mental health

By Aubrey de Guzman & Alyssa Hurley Quarantine has given everyone lots of time to scroll through social media, although this may not be the healthiest way to spend your time. Social media affects our mental health negatively. Social media

NEWS: How BHS teens use social media to make money

By Ashley Marcukaitis and Courtney Houser During the time of the global pandemic, teens had to get creative with different ways to make money due to stores closing down and the incline in unemployment. A series of questions were asked

Q&A: The importance of priorities

By Sofia Bellafiore Today, I conducted an interview with Parker Bryson and we discussed the importance of priorities and spending time with supportive people. I chose to interview Parker because he has an interesting outlook on the world and has had