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OPINION: Reverse racism is a myth

By Grace Gerardi Since November, numerous hate crimes have reignited discussions about race relations in the United States of America. Latent racism has come to a head in the form of these sensational, outrageous acts of bigotry, but there remain

OPINION: Thanksgiving is better than Christmas

By Claire Gearhart Everyone loves the welcoming feelings that celebrations bring to the household. Spending time together, going on vacations, time off from work or school are all things enjoy about holidays. Any festivity no doubt brings favorable feelings to

NASA: practical or pointless?

By Abby Hill In a survey from 2012, it was shown that 20% of Americans thought that USA spent too little on space exploration. This is an overwhelmingly small amount of people compared to the 70% that thought that we

Romance isn’t dead; it’s badly written

By Lauren Burnham Let me first start off by saying that there is nothing wrong with the Romance genre. A good love story gets me right in the heart. However, every love story has a time and a place, and