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10 types of friends in high school

By Joy Mazur

High school friendships are often portrayed as being filled with drama and conflict, but that’s not always the case. Although we may not all have a friend like Regina George from Mean Girls, there certainly are different types of friends. These are the 10 you will have in high school.


  1. The Long-distance Friend: They moved away sometime during middle or high school, but you still keep in touch. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship – you keep them updated on your school, and they tell you all about life in their new place.
  2. The Short-Term Friend: This friend is your best friend, but only in the class that you share with them. You would love to hang out with them outside of school, but for some reason it just doesn’t happen. They have their own friend group, and you have yours. After the semester changes and your shared class ends, your friendship will be limited to waving hello in the hallways.
  3. Your Ride or Die: Your ride or die is the friend that will listen to everything you have to say without judgement. They’re your best friend, and the one that you go to for encouragement, laughs, and deep conversation.
  4. Kindergarten BFF: You used to be best friends with them in elementary school, but you drifted apart in middle or high school. You know very awkwardly intimate details about them, like what their mom’s favorite song is or where their sister learned taekwondo. Eventually you’ll sit next to them in a class and catch up on what you’ve each done for the past eight years. Talking to them feels nostalgic.  
  5. The Slow Burn: You’ve known them for years, but they’ve always sat at the periphery of your vision. Suddenly, circumstances bring you together and you wonder why you weren’t friends with this person earlier.
  6. The Friend-of-a-Friend-of-a-Friend Friend: You’re never quite sure if they remember your name. You’re not quite sure if you remember theirs, either. Actually, you don’t even know how you know them. At any rate, they’re nice!
  7. The Social Butterfly: They can become friends with anyone in half a second, and they introduce you to everyone else you know. A conversation with them can turn any bad day around. You don’t know how they do it, but they’re well liked by practically everyone in the school.
  8. The Teacher Friend: They’re your favorite teacher who always jokes around with you. No matter what topic they teach, they always make it a little bit more entertaining.
  9. Wild Child: This friend always pushes you to go out of your comfort zone, because they don’t have one. They’re loud, wild, and funny. Whenever you hang out with them, you’re sure to end up in some sort of trouble.
  10. The Genius: On top of being a fantastic friend, they ace every test without even studying! You’re sure they’ll go on to do great things. Sometimes their high level of academia leaves you feeling self-conscious, but on the bright side, they’re always there to help you out.

AAltogether these friends make for a pretty lively social life. But remember, people don’t fall into just one category. No matter what “type” of friend they are, their companionship should be appreciated, because they’re there for you no matter what!

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