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Stoneberg teaches students to love tennis

By Isabella Helm It was what they hoped would be the last point. The two tennis players were at a score of nine to eight in the ultimate tiebreaker. With a swift forehand stroke, the Batavia player had won it.

Do BHS students use their lockers?

Students at Batavia were asked if they use their locker. Of those polled, 94 percent of the people asked answered no. It seems that the lockers assigned do not get used because students do not have the time to stop

Showing pride at BHS

By Ben Barranco The Batavia Pride Alliance has been at Batavia High School for many years now and provides amazing support and acceptance for the LGBT community in Batavia and the local area. This is a safe and fun spot

OPINION: Schools give too much homework

By Marissa Mirallegro and Ella Helfer Having too much homework can lead to pressure and stress to students. Schools give too much homework to students and they need to be aware of what it’s causing. “….over 50 percent of students

10 types of friends in high school

By Joy Mazur High school friendships are often portrayed as being filled with drama and conflict, but that’s not always the case. Although we may not all have a friend like Regina George from Mean Girls, there certainly are different

Q&A: Preziosio makes impact with VTP students

By Elisa Reamer Julie Preziosio is a special education teacher at Batavia High School. This is her first year teaching the Vocational Transitional Program (VTP) students but has also co-taught history, science, and English classes. Every day she is faced

Out of here early: Mallory Haldeman

By Rachel Morano Q: What made you want to graduate early? A: “I have all my credits and I can get an internship before college, or even start college classes if I want.” Q: What process did you have to

5 ways to shorten your morning routine

By Rachel Morano When it comes to getting ready for school,  teens typically do not want to get up. Because of this, many people are rushing out the door when it’s time to go. Here are a few ways to

Tips for dealing with Test Anxiety

By Sierra Hobson Scantrons and finals, pop quizzes, oh my! For many students just the sound of those words cause heartbeats to race. As if students don’t struggle enough with homework and class work, they are then put through immense

Eighth-grader behind ‘Thatguyphotos’ already making an impact on BHS athletics

By Rachel Morano Sports have always been a big part of Batavia High School, but especially now more than ever because of the way “Thatguyphotos” captures the action. Samuel Thiem is an eighth-grader at Rotolo Middle School and has already