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Q&A: Mangers, current senior, speaks on BHS’ condition

By Lynsey Kunert

Jessica Mangers is a senior at Batavia High School who participates in Key Club, National Honors Society, and English National Honors Society. She is a straight-A student and aiming to go to Carthage University. During all four of her years spent at Batavia, she noticed some things about the school that she wished that would change.


Q: How do you feel about the time our school starts in the morning?

A: “It’s too early because we need a full seven to nine hours of sleep and it’s hard to get that much sleep when school starts so early.”

Q: Do you think our bathrooms are sanitary? If not, why?

A: “No. There are toilet paper rolls and water all around the floor. Some of the doors don’t have locks. If it were to be changed it should have locks on the doors and soap in the dispensers, and the floor should be cleaned.”

Q: Should the way students are graded be changed?

A: “No, because I don’t have issues with it. I like it the way it is.”

Q: What would you like changed about our school activities?

A: “There shouldn’t be fitness testing because it’s hard to measure somebody’s physical activity when it is only a one-semester class.”

Q: Should there be more extracurriculars?

A: “They should have an art club because some students prefer to have more opportunities outside of school. “

Q: Do you think homework should be given over the holidays or weekends?

A: “No, because we should be able to spend time with our friends, family, and jobs. We should also decompress after an exhausting week of school.”

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