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Biv’s top five songs

By Francesca White Biv is an independent artist and producer from New York who focuses on mainly rap and alternative rock. He began making music in 2016. He has a unique style that goes fairly unnoticed. He is able to

Which cookie is best: Sugar or Chocolate Chip?

By Hailey Adams For many years I have heard people debating which cookie is better, but everyone knows that chocolate chip cookies are way better than sugar cookies.  Chocolate chip cookies taste amazing straight out of the oven whereas sugar

Opinion: Cancel culture provides consequences but sometimes goes too far

By Katherynn Ramirez Nowadays “cancel culture” has grown tremendously. Groups of people are attacking and criticizing other people, businesses, movements, and items.   Cancel culture can work in certain situations but it shouldn’t be brought into every problem.  Cancel culture is

OPINION: Why classic literature shouldn’t be required in schools

By Amanda Schmelder Classic literature written by Shakespeare and Dickens has been a staple in school curriculums for decades, but it’s time for a change. One problem with only having classics in the curriculum is that there is a severe

Top 10 Country songs in the past week

By Katherynn Ramirez Country music has made a great comeback in the past few months. Here are the top 10 songs this past week based off of Spotify’s charts.    1:  “More Than My Hometown” – Morgan Wallen  “More Than

Top 5 safest states to visit for spring break

By Aubrey de Guzman Staying safe is the top concern for Americans during these tough times. The U.S. states to visit during spring break have been numbered based on safety. Things that were put into consideration were vaccination rate, testing

REVIEW: ‘Petals For Armor’ a successful first solo album for Williams

By Amanda Schmelder Petals For Armor is Hayley Williams’ first solo album. She is the lead singer of the pop-punk band Paramore. This album was released during their hiatus after the album After Laughter was released in 2017. During the

REVIEW: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is on top

By Amy Bleakley Grey’s Anatomy has been an intriguing show for over a decade. It has attracted over 7 million viewers over the past 17 years. With its intense outlook on medical discoveries with the love attraction and drama within

REVIEW: Mrs. America brings new life to feminist icons and villains

By Hailey Haddon The Equal Rights Amendment, at its conception, was a piece of legislation aiming to make women equal to men on a legal basis, but as it gained traction, it became the source of a fierce divide between

Blackpink’s ‘The Album’ breaks down language barriers to reach all age groups

by Gabi Pucher The music scene has been shaken with the drop of Blackpink’s new work titled The Album. It was officially released on Oct. 2, 2021. Some of the songs featured top American artists such as Selena Gomez and