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Top 5 coffee shops in Kane County

Grahams 318 Not only is it in the heart of charming downtown Geneva, it also has amazing coffee. There are various options on the menu that could satisfy anyone. My personal favorite drink is their vanilla chai tea latte. They

Top 10 things to do before prom

By Hailey Holt Have fun- This is probably the most important thing to do before, during, and after prom. This is your last high school dance if you’re a senior, and if you’re in any other grade it’s still a

REVIEW: “A Quiet Place” makes noise in the box office

By Katie Cole Heart racing. Body tensing up. Sweaty palms. Scared to make a sound. Anyone who’s seen A Quiet Place is bound to have experienced these symptoms. Released April 6,  A Quiet Place has everyone talking. It has been

Top 10 chick flicks

By Mary Shields Mean Girls From thousands to memes and quotes, to trending Halloween costumes each year, Mean Girls is by far the most iconic teenage movie. Main character Cady Heron moved from Africa to start a new life at

Top 10 most influential rock and roll guitarists

By Julianna Tassi When it comes to rock and roll, the ideals and techniques of guitar playing have been altered and added to by many iconic musicians. Though they are all very different in their styles, each of these guitarists

Top 10 must-see movies

By Leah Wukitsch Are you a movie watcher? Do you enjoy going to the movies? This is the perfect list for you! Here are 10 movies you should definitely see at some point in your life.   1) La La

Superb science discoveries of 2018

By Rudy A. Mix Throughout 2018, many interesting and occasionally concerning news stories have come by, but one thing that is quite overlooked and can be a hopeful topic is all of the interesting events happening in science. Whether it

REVIEW: ‘Wrinkle in Time’ progressive and beautiful, yet lacks development

By Joy Mazur In a world overflowing with action, superhero, and horror movies, it is sometimes refreshing to take comfort in a child’s world. A Wrinkle in Time is a newly released Disney film that offers a fresh take on

Many benefits come from reading

By Alex Richards 1. Expands your Knowledge Reading a book provides opportunities to become engrossed in a pool of knowledge. This lends itself to reading being one of the easier and fastest ways to gain knowledge. All books have little

Places to visit in Batavia over summer break

By Anna Sandri Summer is quickly approaching and not everyone leaves for vacation during summer break. Sometimes you want to just stay close to home and Batavia has the perfect places to visit. First up, the Batavia Creamery is a