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Kaleidoscope concert enjoyed by everyone

By Alexa Garcia The 6th annual kaleidoscope concert occurred in the BFAC on Wed., Dec. 9 to showcase musicians at Batavia High School. This concert included performances from the band, choir, orchestra, and small ensemble groups. For this concert, musical

Halsey and the Chainsmokers ‘Closer’ preformance astonishing

By Alexa Garcia The hit song ‘Closer’ by Halsey and The Chainsmokers shot to number one on the charts for 12 weeks straight. On Sun., Nov. 20, Halsey and The Chainsmokers aroused the crowd at the American Music Awards with

My ‘Imaginative Reality’ playlist takes me out of this world

By Alexa Garcia Last month I used 90 Gigs of data from playing this Spotify playlist I made from my phone. This playlist is titled “Imaginative Reality” because it includes all the songs that can help me escape this world

REVIEW: ‘Badlands’ a creative masterpiece for Indie pop artist Halsey

By Alexa Garcia The indie pop artist known as Halsey released her album Badlands in August of 2015. She has recently been featured in the hit song “Closer,” which flew to number one on iiTuneswith the Chainsmokers. Badlands is currently

Top 13 artists you should be listening to

By Alexa Garcia When you are a musician you learn a lot about music. You learn to notice things about bands or certain songs that non-musicians may not understand. Nowadays, not many teenagers listen to music that was popular in