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Top 10 Winter Olympics to Watch

By Erin Golden Have you ever been watching the Olympics but you’re just not sure what sport to watch? Well here’s a list of what to watch and why! Hockey Hockey is probably the most popular winter Olympic sport. Outside

Why Superbowl 52 will be one of the worst

By Brandon Kalsch It’s a matchup anyone could’ve predicted at the beginning of the season. A one seed versus another one seed. Some teams had crazy wins like the Titans and some went on unforeseeable playoff runs like the Jaguars.

Off-season guide to Bears’ needs

By Brandon Kalsch After a miserable Bears’ seasons going on and on since what seems forever, it is time for the Bears to make a change. With new coach Matt Nagy leading this team mixed of young stars and aging

Top 10 moments of the Olympics so far

By Abigail Solano With the 2018 Winter Olympics beginning on Feb. 9, there are still many events that will be taking place until Feb. 25. However, a lot has happened since the beginning of the games. With Norway in the

Quiz: Have you been paying attention to the Olympics?

By Emilee Ivan What sport won USA their first gold medal? Luge Figure Skating Snowboarding Cross-Country Skiing Who was the first US figure skater to ever land the triple axel at the winter olympics? Mirai Nagasu Bradie Tennell Surya Bonaly

Top NFL Free Agents-2018

By Michael Lanterman NFL free agency opens up in one month and many teams will be looking to make a splash signing to better their team and increase their chances of playing in Super Bowl LIII. While several big names

OPINION: High school athletics remain important despite potential head injuries

By Allison Bleakley Between the years 2009-2014 a federal law was passed called “return-to-play.” According to Milken Institute School of Public Health, the return-to-play law indicates that athletes should immediately stop playing if a concussion is suspected. Players may return

Winter Olympics improving world since ’24

By Erin Golden and Katie Cole The 23rd Winter Olympic games in PyeongChang, South Korea have been highly anticipated by the several countries competing, sports fans, and the athletes themselves for the past three years. On Feb. 9, families from

Three questions on the Philadelphia Eagles heading into Super Bowl LLI

By Michael Lanterman As the coaching trio of Bill Belichick, Josh McDaniels, and Patricia prepare to make their final run together in Super Bowl LII, another coaching staff prepares to take on an empire. The 2000’s have been dominated by

Batavia Dance Team on the road to Nationals

By Erin Golden and Allison Bleakley The Batavia High School dance team attended IHSA sectionals last weekend (1/19/18) at Geneva High School. The dance team pulled out a win for BHS, placing first in the Class 2A division, a first