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Different Holidays Celebrated in Batavia

By Marissa Mirallegro and Ella Helfer From driving around and seeing the bright Christmas lights on houses to lighting a candle every Sunday until Christmas, no matter what the ritual, everyone knows the holidays are just around the corner. Although

Hillman’s personality helps build girls’ cross country into powerhouse

By Lynsey Kunert Standing on the field with the autumn breeze into his brown hair, Chad Hillman couldn’t keep his smile hidden. His grin was wide and his hands rose to the air as the Batavia cross country girls’ got

Juarez, committed to play for NIU, made impact on volleyball at BHS

By Lily McLaughlin and Renee Forsyth The score is 18-23, with the Geneva volleyball team taking the lead at her home court. As the play continues, Sam Juarez is set up to hit the ball. As she flies out of

Golf Pro Impastato making a difference in the junior golf world

By Ari Fragen A person’s typical morning consists of waking up, maybe taking a shower, eating breakfast, and most likely heading to work. For PGA Professional David Impastato, it’s quite different. He wakes up, grabs a protein bar and some

Hot Pan: good but not great

By Grace Summers Looking for some dan dan noodles, dumplings, or pan fried vegetables? Hot Pan provides authentic Chinese food right in downtown Batavia. While being in a small town like Batavia, Hot Pan adequately suites our quaint town. Hot

Top 10 dog breeds of the year

By Lynsey Kunert      1) Labrador retriever Labs are at the top of the list for the top 10 dog breeds! They’re family-oriented and get along with children and people of all ages. Also, they can easily be trained

REVIEW: Mission Impossible: Fallout falls into my heart

By Josh Tharp Explosions, drama, and high-speed police chases. All elements a good action thriller film should master, and I’d personally say Mission: Impossible- Fallout started off with a suspenseful boom. The acting was great, the music was terrific, and

Zalkus earns Illinois Art Educator of the Year honors

By Josh Tharp With the stroke of a thin bristle brush, many can create a beautiful scenic forest, but to instill creativity in one’s students is an art unto itself. Dawn Zalkus has been teaching for 15 years, both at

Student Behavior at BHS

By Ethan Still and Madison Goldman Walking into Calculus the day after the first test, Ethan nervously fidgeted with his backpack. He approached his desk and readied himself to flip over the face-down paper laying there. Carefully turn it over,

Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B

By Ben Barranco Female rappers have always been seen and rated behind male rappers. Some of the first popular female rappers in the game came around in the 90s with artists such as Missy Elliot, Foxy Brown, and Lil’ Kim,