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REVIEW – ‘Coloring Book’ Chance’s best yet

By Kyra Swims Debuting his third independent released mixtape on May 12, 2016, Chance the Rapper has once again shook the music industry. With collaborations with artist such as Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and many more, Coloring Book,

My ‘Imaginative Reality’ playlist takes me out of this world

By Alexa Garcia Last month I used 90 Gigs of data from playing this Spotify playlist I made from my phone. This playlist is titled “Imaginative Reality” because it includes all the songs that can help me escape this world

OPINION: Color guard is a sport

By Abby Hill With chins lifted high, the color guard performs across the field; flags and rifles spinning in time behind and around the band. “Oh, they’re just spinning flags. That’s not even a sport.” Color guard performs with the

ISYM summer music camp is beneficial

By Alexa Garcia ISYM is a summer music camp held at the University of Illinois in Champaign Illinois that many people from our town (including me) attended over the summer. Most students that sign up do not know the other

Chromatics start their second year

By Abby Hill and Alexa Garcia On September 28th, Peter Barsch, the chorale teacher, will bring those who have been picked to participate in a call back audition to their first rehearsal with the Chromatics. From there, Barsch is going

Live Music is Better than Recorded Music

By Alexa Garcia My family has connections with live nation, so we occasionally get the opportunity of attending great concerts. The concerts that I can remember are The Jonas Brothers, Karmen, Los Lonely Boys, New Kids on the Block, 98°,

OPINION: Karaoke’s benefits wide ranging

Every Thursday, I look forward to singing karaoke at Aliano’s in downtown Batavia. People often view karaoke as a way of socializing with friends at bars for entertainment. Even though it is fun, karaoke has numerous different beneficial traits. After

Top 13 artists you should be listening to

By Alexa Garcia When you are a musician you learn a lot about music. You learn to notice things about bands or certain songs that non-musicians may not understand. Nowadays, not many teenagers listen to music that was popular in

OPINION: Music helping students study

By Rachel Morano For as long as music has been a part of people’s lives, students have listened to it while doing homework and studying. It keeps so many kids on track by calming them down and providing audio so

Gorlewski Podcast Episode 2 – Sampling

This episode of the Gorlewski Podcast is all about sampling in music! Take a listen here: Gorlewski Podcast Thanks for listening and tune in soon for the next episode!     All music used is owned by its respective artist.