‘Rock the Runway’ a huge success

By Claire Gearhart On Fri., March 16, Batavia High School held its ninth annual “Rock the Runway” show where students compete in a competition to see who can make the best dress More »

Vaping becoming a problem at BHS

By Allyson Mata and Izzy Mach Vaping has taken over high schools with new and different types of vapes coming out all the time.  Junos, Juuls, and Sorin’s are a few of More »

What does the designers do with their dresses after Rock the Runway?

By Lilika Suzuki On Fri, March 16th, the most artistic students in Batavia high school participated in a fashion show competition called Rock the Runway. The winner’s name was Preston Williams, the More »

‘Letters to Sala’: a look inside the BHS play

By Joy Mazur Letters to Sala is a play focused on the Holocaust, and will be performed at the BFAC from April 19-21 with shows at 7:30 pm and matinees at 2 More »

Caliendo wins IWOCA Fresh/Soph State Tournament

By Alex Richards Freshman wrestler, Michael Caliendo, won the Springfield IWCOA Fresh/Soph state tournament on March 10 and 11. Caliendo, who wrestled in the 126 weight class, relied on his previous wrestling More »


OPINION: Fortnite’s popularity is warranted

By Anna Sandri and Savaughn Anderson Fortnite is a large, fast growing online game that came out in mid 2017. After its debut on July 25, Fortnite grew larger than anyone could’ve expected from such a new game. In the

Poll: How much would you spend on a prom dress?

By Emma Exon Prom is an exciting time for any high schooler. But even though it may be a night to remember, it’s also a night filled with expenses. With the average girl spending around $1100 on prom night, every

OPINION: Your views or your health?

By Rudy A. Mix So many people know the feeling all too well. Getting up, only to find that they are sick. Yet, something is different this time, something much more atrocious than a normal disease has overtaken them. Even

Top ten songs downloaded in 2018

By Allison Pumo “Wait,” by Maroon 5 This song was released on Feb. 8 by Maroon 5, a band consisting of five band members who started making music in 2001. “Wait” is from the album Red Pill Blues. As of

The unfortunate truth behind traveling over spring break

By Karlee Rindt Spring Break: The time to leave this very cold and depressing state known as Illinois and travel to a warm, exotic, fun-filled place. It’s what you’ve been waiting for since January. You’ve daydreamed about it in class,

Top five Netflix shows to watch

By Joanna Garcia On My Block: On My Block immediately started trending when this show was added to Netflix. What made it different was that people could relate to it because real-life problems with comedy was incorporated into the show.

Spring Madlib

Oh, (SEASON)! Oh, (SEASON)! (SEASON) has finally (VERB)! The long winter days are now coming to an (ADJECTIVE). Spring comes with the (Adjective) air and the (ADJECTIVE) of (Flower). Spring is the time where baby (ANIMAL) are (ADJECTIVE). You can

NBA Playoff projections: Rockets now the team to beat

By Savaughn Anderson   The playoffs are coming! The playoffs are coming! With only a few days remaining in the regular season, multiple NBA teams are looking for some inspiration to secure a spot in the playoffs. The playoffs are

Student athlete, Tori Ortiz, shares about her track career

By Hailey Holt Batavia High School has some of the most dedicated, hard-working athletes out there. Among the top student athletes, Tori Ortiz, is one who has been able to accomplish a lot over the past four years here, with

Top 4 Animated TV shows to watch in 2018

By Lilika Suzuki   NO 1        “Banana Fish” (starting July 2018) The reason why it was chosen as the top animated show to watch is that this comic’s story is well produced and thousands of people cried a lot for